The real understanding about your project will be acquired with a ping pong talk after your proposal. Please kindly write about your project so we can have a fundamental and a base to talk further.



Open source is a free and secure software that is open to every one and any one can use it. We are proud contributors of open source development and for our financial needs, also develop outsourced projects.

After talking about the development scale, we can have a roughly estimation about the time that development need to get done.

No! Enterprises usually ask for dedicated software for their business, whereas SMEs regularly have other needs.

It is completely free to have a consultation about your needs. you will be informed about other aspects of the development of the product. after talking we can have a estimation about the costs.

Freelancers are free souls who can work good in one specific field and offer their speciality. In agencies the development will be categorized into different sectors and parts, and every team will work on it’s talented area.

Just fill the proposal form, we will talk with our proper team about the development of the project and provide you with required information.

With agile management, you are part of the development team and have to tell your ideas about different aspects of development. In such way, you will be sure about the quality of the product.

It’s a Method of project management that consists of every day scrum meeting and inside reporting. Other than that, the Project will be take in small parts and et the very last stage the different parts will join together. It is the opposite of waterfall management methodology.

When you contract with a registered company, you can be sure that the company is under regulation to have it’s certificate.

one of our requirements is privacy policy agreement.

you can have a conversation in beforehand if you like so we can discuss a little bit about it.