What is content delivery network (CDN)?

Content delivery network (CDN) is the transparent backbone of the Internet in charge of content delivery. Simply they are networks prepared to accelerate speed of sending all types of contents such as Images, Videos or texts to the users.Right now you are reading this article from the nearest CDN server around you!

How does it work?

  1. A user requests content from a web application.
  2. The request for the content is intercepted by the CDN and routed to the closest PoP(Points of Presence) are strategically located data centers responsible for communicating with users in their geographic vicinity.
  3. If the PoP has the content in its cache, the content is delivered by the CDN. This is called a cache HIT.
  4. If the content is not cached, the request if forwarded to the origin server. This is called a cache MISS.
  5. In the event of a cache HIT, the CDN generates a response with the requested content.
  6. The response is received by the web application and the content loads much quicker than it would if it was delivered by the origin server.


How a Content delivery network can be useful ?

  • Improved security – CDNs ensures the security of traffic flowing from content servers to users. A CDN may improve security by providing DDoS mitigation, improvements to security certificates, and other optimizations.

  • Enhanced performance – One of the most important measures for website design and other web applications is the performance and accessibility of the contents.

  • Access from anywhere – Basically, a CDN helps you to receive data faster. Without a CDN, content origin servers must respond to every single end user request. what will happen is the server can not handle them and suddenly a content request failure accrues.

  • Real-time backups – Backups protects your contents from being lost, also helps your contents be available for the moments your content server is not responding.

  • Entirely cloud based – CDNs are based on cloud computing inherits all the cloud based systems benefits.

  • Any number of devices – Depending on your strategic plan, you are able to choose multiple devices to spread the contents geographically.

How content delivery network speed up our site? 1

How to find the best Content delivery network for my business ?

Although content delivery networks mostly provides faster accessibility of static contents such as Images, CSS files and JavaScript libraries by cashing them, some of them focuses on Security opportunities. It is important to know which CDN provider is the best choose for your use.


How content delivery network speed up our site? 2

In Conclusion

We hope this article helped you know how CDNs are useful. If you are looking for the best CDN provider for your projects send us a message, we will gather the information of suitable providers for your plan.

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