AcceRun is a large outsourcing company with offices in Hong Kong and Germany and Malaysia that provides costume IT solutions to it’s costumers around the globe. We possess different specialized teams for every aspect that we are working. We believe, that who has deep understanding of something, can explain it in simple way to every one else.

We are convinced that the costumer should be able to touch the desired IT product and after the fulfillment the desires of the costumer the programming phase will begin.

With this methodology, the costumers and the developers can both be sure that they are walking in the same way. We think that every product that is going to be made from scratch should be with supervision of both parties.

The word AcceRun is combination of two other words. ACCESS and RUN. We provide the access to the specialized resources to run a project.

We are true fan of our mother nature. With our methodology of management, the least amount of carbon footprint will be made. Agile management let us to manage projects with the most efficient way.

We are here to democratizing the possibilities that IT can give to us. In this way, we can make our world better place to live.


AcceRun consists of developers and experts in six main categories. The co-working and cooperating of these specialized teams make our products fascinating and memorable.

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Our Team will find out which methods of ios and Android development suits you best.


Our ios and Android app developers can bring your app to the reality with various methods.

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We can help you find out best costume solutions for your business.


Your business needs special and customized software to be more productive.

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Every shop has to have a global representer. A website.


Designing and developing a Website that can represent you is a must!

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Optimization your website for search engines or offering a new IT product?


Our experts in SEO and marketing field will help you with most important task of any business. SELLING!

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We value the user experience in every level of IT products.


Our  UI/UX designers implement design trends with modern designing tools to the IT product to improve the user satisfaction .

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Internet is dynamic. your site should be dynamic too!


Our Content providers can help you bring more audience to your website through various tricks.



At AcceRun, mobile app development team support the customers with an inherent, swift, innovative app. We are persistently looking for talented individuals to tag on our growing team. If you have a modish startup, let Accerun assist you with the most challenging aspect of updating or starting mobile apps for businesses. Our team have years of expertise on best design firm and implementation of sophisticated mobile apps in an unlimited spectrum and we take pride in our approach.

Our skilled team of mobile product design and consultants can support you from initial planning all the way through to launch and delivery with a robust agile development methodology. Development of mobile application falls under 3 categories.

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Desktop application development dominated the software world for many years. However, with the rise of the internet, first web apps and then mobile apps became more popular. So pushing desktop applications into third place. But still an incredible amount of software development happening in desktop applications. The key features of desktop applications are the efficiency of the applications highly customized.

AcceRun team support the customers with innovative desktop application solutions. We invite talented developers to tag on our growing team. Accerun assist startup companies to find the best solution for their business.

The applications installed on the system’s local server known as the desktop apps. After the installation process, it does not require any internet connection to access. It works on the system’s local server. Often, it seems individuals do not contrast between desktop or web applications. They are different from each other. Desktop apps run on the local server of the computer devices.

Web applications work over the internet remote access. Desktop apps have better performance than web apps. Running algorithms on the client side is possible but much harder with a web application. Desktop apps have less complexity and development is easier. Like with all software, there are many different ways to go when developing desktop applications. This includes different programming languages, frameworks, and architecture decisions. All of which will differ according to the individual needs of your product.

AcceRun choose right framework of desktop application development. Our team develop your personalize app for desktops or system which you planned to launch in the market soon.
There are many great UI frameworks for Windows. They have its own advantages and limitations. We explain top technologies.



Our expert team in the development of desktop, client-server and Web-based applications has enabled us to offer solutions for industries. For example IT, Financial Services, Medical, Energy, Transportation, Real Estate, Education etc.

AcceRun customize cost-effective solutions for your company. our Development Team has the skills and experience to take on complex technology development projects. we offer an alternative to costly internal technology development efforts.


Businesses of all sizes need a system by which they can create, post, and update their online content. Attractive content like Texts, pictures, videos, and graphics attract the maximum number of visitors of the website. But maintaining good content means constantly revising it; publishing, updating, and managing content. In this regard AcceRun has comprehensive experience and expertise in developing and deploying WEB development solutions and open source based CMS solutions.

A web application is any computer program that performs a specific function. It uses a web browser as its client. The “client” is used in client-server environment to refer to the program the person uses to run the application. A client-server environment is one in which multiple computers share information such as entering information into a database. The “client” is the application used to enter the information, and the ‘server’ is the application used to store the information.

Benefits of Using Web Applications

A web application relieves the developer of the responsibility of building a client for a specific operating system. A web application is a version of a web page that has been optimized. There’s no need to download them. They’re accessible from any browser. Web applications can provide the same functionality and gain the benefit of working across multiple platforms.

A web application relieves the developer of the responsibility of building a client for a specific operating system. A web application is a version of a web page that has been optimized. There’s no need to download them. They’re accessible from any browser. Web applications can provide the same functionality and gain the benefit of working across multiple platforms.

Types of web applications

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Web Development CMS Platforms

  • WordPress:

    WordPress is by far the most popular CMS for web development, web hosting and blogging. It is free and easy to use. WordPress is completely customizable. you’re in control of your own content. It enables you to build and manage your own full-featured website using just your web browser. it has built-in SEO for Google, Bing and Yahoo. It has robust community support, with thousands of developers contributing and reviewing it.

  • Joomla:

    Joomla is a popular alternative to WordPress for independent developers. It is an efficient solution to integrate your site with a database. It’s a powerful platform for building custom websites. In addition to being a full-featured CMS, it is easy to learn, quick to set up. Joomla is absolutely free. Joomla offers thousands of extensions and designs. Popular sites that use Joomla include eBay, Barnes and IKEA. Joomla is mainly used for, E-commerce and Social networking sites

  • Drupal:

    Drupal is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) with a large, supportive community. One of the keys that attracts developers to Drupal is that sites can be constructed and adapted quickly. It’s a helpful solution to business owners who want to reach the mobile market but do not want to spend time learning code. Notably, WhiteHouse.gov is built on Drupal.

Our goal at AcceRun is always quality since our customers deserve it. We are confident in our ability to meet almost any demand and always design with quality in mind.

  • HTML:

    It is the fundamental building blocks of web programming which provides the frame to the website. It describes the arrangement of the content.

  • CSS:

    CSS provides the way to design the graphic elements which help in making the appearance of the web application more attractive.

  • JavaScript:

    It is a client-side scripting language. it essentially devised for the specific purpose. currently there are various JavaScript frameworks used as server-side scripting technology.

Front End Web Development:

Web pages that change in response to an action within that web page, such as a mouse or a keyboard action, use client-side scripting. Client-side scripts generate client-side content. Client-side content is content that’s generated on the user’s computer. In these cases, the user’s web browser would download the web page content from the server, process the code that’s embedded in the web page, and then display the updated content to the user. We describe three Scripting languages below.

  • Python:

    The language is fast and contains shorter code. It is good for beginners as it concentrates on the readability and simplicity of the code. Python functions well in the object-oriented environment and used in famous sites like Youtube, Google, etc.

  • Java Script:

    As once above mentioned, java script and it’s frame works are strongly backed by Google and are supporting the front end and back end web development world strongly.

  • PHP:

    It is the prevalent server-side language used on the web devlopment. It was designed to extract and manipulate information in the database. It is used in Facebook, WordPress and Wikipedia.

Back End Web Development:

Server-Side Scripting is a technique of programming for producing the code which can run software on the server side. The operations like customization of a website, dynamic change in the website content, response generation to the user’s queries, accessing the database, and so on are performed at the server end. We describe two of the important scripting languages below.


Search Engine Optimization

• Keyword analysis – Identify the best keywords with good buying intent
• Website structure analysis – Identify website structure and strategy to improve for long tailed keywords
• competitor analysis –
• Website speed optimization – Audit and create strategy around speed optimization to improve speed load for better user experience and Google ranking signals
• AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – Create strategy around mobile speed optimization using AMP technology. Google is picking up AMP as priority ranking for faster website experience through mobile
• Link acquisition strategy
• Guest blogging strategy
• DA (Domain Authority ) optimization

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Google Adwords

• Validation. Identify what is the best Cost per acquisition (CPA) and Return of ad spend (ROAS) on Ad words
• CRO baselines – Find out what is the funnels / website conversion rate
• Website speed optimization – Full website speed test for both Desktop and Mobile and applying strategy to improve for conversion rate.
• Funnel testing. – Test sales funnel performance to determine what is the baselines and optimization strategy
• Quality Score (QS) optimization on on page
• Keyword & Ad sets grouping strategy – Identify profitable keywords and grouping strategy for optimum leads quality and CPC price.
• Bidding strategy – Implement hybrid manual + hybrid bidding strategy to avoid from missing out visibility and to get optimum clicks
• Site links optimization -Research through browsing behavior and create an optimum site links strategy to capture more clicks with good browsing patterns.
• Call to action optimization
• Review extensions – Improve and integrate good social influence into review extension
• Structured snippet strategy.

Facebook Ads

• Run small scale ads to identify Facebook best cost per acquisition (CPA)
• Identify the missing opportunity in using custom audience such as segmentation of web visitors/ email list
• Identify what is the right messaging / angle that works for Facebook audience
• Identify eCommerce funnels that works
• Create and validate Facebook Ads funnel that yield the most ROAS
• Validate and test if white label Facebook Ads service works for agency
• Scale Facebook Ads through Ezra Firestone strategies
• Vertical / horizontal FB ads scaling
• Evergreen audiences and strategy
• Applying Facebook contest psychology strategy
• Facebook Ads pixel training for scale
• Strategy to scale without compromising CPA and ROAS

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UI/ UX design

In many organizations, UX and UI designers use Sketch for mobile app and web. But in the last couple of years, a number of competitors started. Two of them that have made the biggest strides are Figma and Adobe XD.

About 13

AcceRun team of graphic designers and web developers are both flexible and creative. It doesn’t matter to which sector your business belongs. We deliver hassle-free and cost-effective development of your product. AcceRun team assure the deliverance of the most productive and efficient solutions to your online business. Ultimately the aim of AcceRun is to connect a company’s business goals to user’s needs through a process of testing and refinement that satisfies both parties.



All of the content above ahd been delivered to you by a content provider.
Delivering contents for a website should be done through various steps.
Searching for key word, implementing them, writing the content and lastly optimizing them with the help of the tools.
Our content providers can also help you bringing content to your website, or for your items in amazon or Ebay or anywhere else.

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