AcceRun helps your Ideas Grow!

With Dedicated team of specialized developers who fits the Requirements of the Project, and Bring you more Technical Insights About Your Project.

Let the Coffee Becomes the Code!

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Data Privacy

AcceRun does care about the protection of the ideas. We Know Startup, New Companies and Businesses Are Based on a New Idea or Invention, So We Really Care About Data Privacy and Security.

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AcceRun Startup Plans

Agile Software Development for Startups, Small Companies and New businesses, Personalized WordPress Websites, Easy to Use with Free Documentations for Your Company.

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Mobile First Approach

AcceRun strongly believes that every IT product should be designed with mobile first approach.

Thus the costumers can easily spend more time with your business, and you can manage your business remotely.

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Helping You With Launching Your Product

AcceRun brings you technical assistance to launch your project with desired time and and schedule in your .

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How we manage.

With Agile management we can break down the project to the different parts.It gives us flexibility to make changes in small portion of the project instead of entire one, and also makes our tempo faster.

  • 1.We will get the information about the project.

  • 2.The project requirements will be assessed.

  • 3.The clickable prototype of the project will be get ready.

  • 4.You will supervise the clickable prototype.

  • 5.the reviewed part of the prototype will be developed.

  • 6.Phase 3 and 4 and 5 will be repeated until final part.

  • 7.The project will be finalized and get ready.

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